Punjabi born , maharashtrian girl married to Bong settled in South .

Which place you belong to ? ........i don't have a specific answer to this question. My mother side grand parents belonged to Pakistan (undivided India) and my paternal side hailed from Delhi - Rewari belt. My mother completed her eduction in Bangalore , while my father walked away with medical degree from AFMC- Pune. Coming to me ....i always had friends who were Gujarati , marwari, Tamil, malyali's, maharashtrians, catholics , muslim. I think i am an observer than a practitioner of any particular culture.
I find maharashtrians, Tamils , north Indians , bongs have a strong superficial difference . Language , clothing style , customs all differing a lot .....but when you go deeper .....it all stands on similar values and beliefs. Evey state in India has beautifully got acclimatized to its geography , climate and resources creating a distinct identity but keeping the core of Indian culture intact . I wish we all could have seen the same rather than making a linguistic ghetto .

I think so because i had seen and been with people of different parts of country, i am able to respect each culture more than ever and think of myself as Indian first than calling my self Punjabi born , maharashtrian girl married to Bong settled in South.


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