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Go Go Fly

All children like animals , at least most of them .In the locality we stayed earlier had lot of kids of our age. Every other day some or the other would find a injured bird , orphaned kitten or sick squirrel . Each kid had a proper role to serve- some were assigned job for taking care of the needy animal ,bully boys were watch guards , some were supposed to provide for temporary residence and then little girls were responsible for food supply. Usually the animal used to get well and sneak out of captivity . Whenever it happened there was a grief all around . There would be frantic searches in bushes , dug up holes and in houses of suspects. Failure in search would eventually take form of blame game , fights and imaginary stories . For few days every one would carry the loss of guest animal in their heart only to be replaced by shout for new discovery " Ae mil gaya mil gaya ...kabutar hain , pankh tuta hua hai " .

Me and sister would never get a chance to keep any animal home …

Short Story - 1 KALI

Here is my first short story , will keep posting some more short stories written by me . Hope you enjoy reading. All stories are fictitious any resemblance to event or person is coincidental :-) Kali – The train singer
In the year 1994, we moved to Bombay from Ghaziabad, as my father’s services got transferred to the city. I was 13 then and took admission in a class eighth of a CBSE school at Dadar. We rented a house in dombivili.
I used to take 7 am train to Dadar every day and start off my hour long journey. Being new in the city as well as being a very reserved child, I hardly spoke to any body in the train and used to doze off holding a syllabus book more so for reason of avoiding any conversations than catching extra forty winks.

“ Pardesi Pardesi Jana nahi “ shrill voice of a girl younger to me by three four years always woke me up , as soon as she used to get into the train at Kalwa holding two small granite pieces and rattling them unmusically. Her hairs were matted tied loosely i…