keep wishing

life is all about wonder years sewn together to complete a picture. As a little girl , i stood up on house hold tables to feel - how it will be to look at world from 5.5 feet. In college , i watched young executives, busily working on their laptops and imagined how it will be to be working . Now that i am working , looking at my mother who is about to retire from services i wish - how good it will be to be not working , to have endless holiday , to sleep as an when needed :-) .
Going back and forth in years , makes you ready for that phase of life. All wishes come real only to give room for new wishes. Life is made up of all those wishes , which god is slowly giving you and just luring you nearer to him . Thats what life is , a well laid game plan.....keep wishing , he will oblige .


Anonymous said…
very true - quite philosophical
Anandita SIngh said…
How true. Wonder when will we learn to live in the present and enjoy it.
ani_aset said…
part of life :)
very thoughtful of you to pen it down

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