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Tragic end of life - but life continues

last saturday we woke up to mangalore air crash and this saturday it was gyaneshwari train accident caused by the Naxal- maoist ( calling themselves saviour of people).

I think of those merry people who would have planned their journeys many days in advance, would have packed best of their clothes, would have loaded batteries into their camera's to click beautiful moments of their life - but death was waiting for them which jolted their bodies miserably to take out their soul.

After such a tragedy , the blame game starts .Government sets up panel to enquire about the incident , terror groups rejoice and plan to make the next move more deadlier. For both of them its the number of dead that matters. The pain and loss is for those who remain behind - reliving those horrific moments throughout their life, waiting for kids who would never return home again - wishing to have been with the partner on that unfortunate journey .......

For many people like me who are lucky to be reading newspa…