Blinded Now

Some days back , i was just wondering .....that why don't i see any injured bird, cat , dog in the locality . Then i realise - from a long time i have never seen tender roots developing in plant pots , neither i have seen cheap candies and cola filled in plastic packs. I pondered on this thought and knew - why i don't see them any more- i am blinded now.
Now i am more busy to reach office on time - as a kid , i never wore watch and never kept time.
Now i am more health conscious , cheap things and cheap joints are dirty - as a kid, i never kept tab on weight . road side small shops had best offerings in rupees one or two.
I wear good clothes , i have to look good. apperance matters . - in childhood taking care of clothes , hygiene was an outsourced department to Mother. It never mattered that clothes might get dirty while planting seeds in mud pots.

In childhood - we see withering plants needing water , small puppies needing shelter , injured wings of sparrow wanting protection from crow. Now we really don't see such things. We have got into a different world- where at the end of the day our dreams are still loaded with reminders about pending tasks. But look at a kid - he/ she sleeps deeply because he/she has addressed a bigger issue in a day and has been rewarded in return by a joy in heart and tiredness in body for that peaceful sleep.


Anonymous said…
Excellent piece of writing... touches the heart of every individual because every one was a child one day...good work Ritu..shiben

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