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10 essentials to the blueprint of happiness, the name easily discloses to you the intent it carries between the covers. The writer – Bhanu Arora pens his personal thoughts and everyday stories into ten chapters each taking the reader towards his belief system around happiness, which is usually accepted & adopted by the society at large.

Anxiety over career progression, office gossips, self-identity, money matters, relationships, travel, leading a dream, believing in supreme power and many other aspects of our daily lives has been painted in a lucid manner by the author and hence makes it a very easy read. Though the author maintains a third person point of narration, but reader can sense his voice across the chapters as there is no single protagonist across all the pages of this self-help book. Each chapter deals with a specific issue actioned through set of characters lightly sketched and carries a self-help mantra as a possible solution. Portrayal of current scenarios & myriad concerns around a modern life dwelling in a city has been well penned but certain references to demonetisation seems unnecessary especially after all fizz around it has died down.I enjoyed reading the chapter on money , it brought about commercial sense in a fun manner without sounding too technical.

I appreciate the effort of the author to bring out his debut book while handling a role of a banker and hopeful that the book will catch attention of young readers. I just wonder whether in today’s whatsapp generation where every day starts with a feel good mantra of life from friends and relatives, would I like to listen to the same knowledge bytes in a form of a book – may be yes – may be no.

Happy to review a debut book of an Indian author, thanks to writersmelon to give this opportunity.

About the author - Bhanu Arora is a banking professional and also a passionate writer. ‘Ten Essentials to the Blueprint of Happiness’ is his debut book. He has written a few short stories in the past that can be accessed from his blog . His other passions are travelling, music, movies, and food that inspire him to write.


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