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Book Review - Ten Essentials to the blueprint of Happiness for writersmelon

10 essentials to the blueprint of happiness, the name easily discloses to you the intent it carries between the covers. The writer – Bhanu Arora pens his personal thoughts and everyday stories into ten chapters each taking the reader towards his belief system around happiness, which is usually accepted & adopted by the society at large.
Anxiety over career progression, office gossips, self-identity, money matters, relationships, travel, leading a dream, believing in supreme power and many other aspects of our daily lives has been painted in a lucid manner by the author and hence makes it a very easy read. Though the author maintains a third person point of narration, but reader can sense his voice across the chapters as there is no single protagonist across all the pages of this self-help book. Each chapter deals with a specific issue actioned through set of characters lightly sketched and carries a self-help mantra as a possible solution. Portrayal of current scenarios & myri…

37 year old and still wondering

Its been long since I blogged the past I used to blog using my office laptop and usually during office time :-)

I used to find blogging a way to get out of the usual office boredom and it was the best way to look busy.

Times have changed, now I am much older - without a proper job - trying my new venture which has the old thought .....and I am still wondering is this is what I want.

I neither want to go back to the cubicles of the corporate and neither want to start a recruitment firm what will this Ritu like to do ?? hmm let me think

I would like to build my own small niche, leave a essence of me in it is not important , but it should let my bank balance at least stable or inching up at sloth pace. Something to do with earth,fragnances,happiness ..........will it ever happen and if so how- I am still wondering at my age of 37.

I wonder how dangerous this question is - What you do ?