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Blinded Now

Some days back , i was just wondering .....that why don't i see any injured bird, cat , dog in the locality . Then i realise - from a long time i have never seen tender roots developing in plant pots , neither i have seen cheap candies and cola filled in plastic packs. I pondered on this thought and knew - why i don't see them any more- i am blinded now.
Now i am more busy to reach office on time - as a kid , i never wore watch and never kept time.
Now i am more health conscious , cheap things and cheap joints are dirty - as a kid, i never kept tab on weight . road side small shops had best offerings in rupees one or two.
I wear good clothes , i have to look good. apperance matters . - in childhood taking care of clothes , hygiene was an outsourced department to Mother. It never mattered that clothes might get dirty while planting seeds in mud pots.

In childhood - we see withering plants needing water , small puppies needing shelter , injured wings of sparrow wanting protection f…

Punjabi born , maharashtrian girl married to Bong settled in South .

Which place you belong to ? ........i don't have a specific answer to this question. My mother side grand parents belonged to Pakistan (undivided India) and my paternal side hailed from Delhi - Rewari belt. My mother completed her eduction in Bangalore , while my father walked away with medical degree from AFMC- Pune. Coming to me ....i always had friends who were Gujarati , marwari, Tamil, malyali's, maharashtrians, catholics , muslim. I think i am an observer than a practitioner of any particular culture.
I find maharashtrians, Tamils , north Indians , bongs have a strong superficial difference . Language , clothing style , customs all differing a lot .....but when you go deeper all stands on similar values and beliefs. Evey state in India has beautifully got acclimatized to its geography , climate and resources creating a distinct identity but keeping the core of Indian culture intact . I wish we all could have seen the same rather than making a linguistic ghetto .

7.45 am local train to CST - VT

I was just out of graduation college , six months had passed doing nothing but preparing aimlessly for next phase of life. 2001 was not the year where plain graduates were sort after.
Call centres known more respectfully as BPO were new unknown venture . A graduate would only get a job through a reference , so i too got a job at khar by passing my one page resume through a reference . The salary was low , but i looked forward to experience and way to conduct myself in work environment. Days were long and journey to workplace was longer . Best part of the day was 7.45 am train to CST erstwhile VT. Regular train passengers became companion in joy and sorrow. One needs to be on a same train , from same boarding place to be included within the group .....i qualified this and was in Dombivili group . All ladies were in the age group of 40's and comfortably employed in PSU's, banks and Govt insurance companies. The gossip would range from movies, TV soaps, kids , bosses , hu…

keep wishing

life is all about wonder years sewn together to complete a picture. As a little girl , i stood up on house hold tables to feel - how it will be to look at world from 5.5 feet. In college , i watched young executives, busily working on their laptops and imagined how it will be to be working . Now that i am working , looking at my mother who is about to retire from services i wish - how good it will be to be not working , to have endless holiday , to sleep as an when needed :-) .
Going back and forth in years , makes you ready for that phase of life. All wishes come real only to give room for new wishes. Life is made up of all those wishes , which god is slowly giving you and just luring you nearer to him . Thats what life is , a well laid game plan.....keep wishing , he will oblige .
A new message , a phone call from my distant home town.... is all i look forward to each day

When will i go back to my home,..... is the question i ask to the god i pray

unknown faces , unfamiliar pathways .....makes me miss my old good days

The language is not known and no one to call my own laughs have become no more than silent moans

When will i hug my mom and return to my world .........these are the questions and my only words

Let me return to my cocoon , i don't want to be a butterfly i don't want on this land to my body to lie

to the god i pray and to him i say

please show me a hope, show me the path which will take me back home.