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Work from Home - Please Mom

Busy mom writes on post it

Oh son, you get up so late

I have to rush hard to punch my card at the office gate

Help yourself with Kellogg’s carton kept in the kitchen

Don’t forget to drink your milk like neighbor’s kitten

The bath water in the tub is warm for you

Sorry, I was running late to polish your shoe

Money is on table to help your lunch tummy

I should be with you for Dinner – Your Mummy

Son Writes back

In my dreams I see you with me

So I hate to get up early in the hours I call wee

I am still too short to reach out to cartons in the kitchen

I wont drink milk – as I am a cub not a kitten

No problem, if you didn’t polish my shoe

My school is closed as many kids have got flu

Money is still there on the wooden table
I felt little weak so had crocin after reading the Label

Mom, I am waiting for you – being all alone
Cant you join some office – which lets you Work From Home. 

Handbuilt Planter

Terracota hand built pot

Took around 300 gm of clay and moulded it into a useful planter. important to make a hole at the base while the clay is leather hard.

At my own pace

I laze and relax,

I wonder and ponder

my mind thought ......

about the things that my brain couldn't sought

and my heart assured me

that my soul is free ...its not caught.

I tasted the sea and the droplets of rain

I felt the satin and tattered clothes covering the pain

Felt the heat of concrete high rise mansions

And swayed to sleep under the thatched roof built of passion

Some complained of having plenty

Some rejoiced when their plates were not empty

I pitied the happiness

and the thing which made me laugh was the sadness

I am neither cheerful nor poignant ,

Neither hollow nor expectant,

They label me a loser, incapable of winning the race

Isn't it ? In the end.... winners and losers will mix with the ether leaving no trace

Till then I let my body laze and relax.........

Let my soul wonder and ponder.........