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Joy of Receiving

My 3 year old son gets a new toy nearly every week. Occasions range from birthdays, visits of grand parents, visit to native, relatives visiting us, festivals , happiness spells....reasons are many as many toys in the house now. We generally give in to his demands for new toys because we love to see the twinkle in his eyes as he gets his new car and many times to hide our guilt of not able to spend good amount of time with him. I think i could have easily accumulated 1 kg of gold for my would be daughter in law with the amount we have spent on the toys. So every week a new toy comes and older ones get pushed under sofa , chairs and all the unseen places gathering dust and reducing the available space in 1000 sq ft home . Yesterday i decided to give away few old toys of my son to kids of construction workers working in our apartment. I chose toys which were in good shape but not played with and of course keeping in mind not to give away toys which had a fond memory attached. I went to …

Growing your own food

I think growing your own food is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways you can contribute to mother earth.

It helps you become healthy by consuming no pesticide , chemical stimulants.
It Makes your body fitter and mind calmer.
It adds beauty to your small balcony or terrace.
It saves money and gives a direction of life if pursued more seriously.

On a higher note it helps you connect to earth , from which one has come and to which one will get mixed with one day.

On a lighter note , it makes your kid know vegetables by names before the age of 2 and prompt them to eat them too.

Brinjal produce- 5th dec 2011