37 year old and still wondering

Its been long since I blogged ...........in the past I used to blog using my office laptop and usually during office time :-)

I used to find blogging a way to get out of the usual office boredom and it was the best way to look busy.

Times have changed, now I am much older - without a proper job - trying my new venture which has the old thought .....and I am still wondering is this is what I want.

I neither want to go back to the cubicles of the corporate and neither want to start a recruitment firm ....so what will this Ritu like to do ?? hmm let me think

I would like to build my own small niche, leave a essence of me in it ..........money is not important , but it should let my bank balance at least stable or inching up at sloth pace. Something to do with earth,fragnances,happiness ..........will it ever happen and if so how- I am still wondering at my age of 37.

I wonder how dangerous this question is - What you do ?


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